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Astronomy Story Books for Kids

Children are curious creatures, and they are continually learning more and more about the world around them. Astronomy may seem like too complex a subject to address with young children, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Sun and the Moon are two of the most constant and familiar sights a child will learn about in their world, and children often recognize and can name the Sun and Moon at a very young age. As children learn more about their world, it’s only natural that they should have questions about these two features of our sky.

Illustrated astronomy story books for children can help to answer some of the questions a child may have about our celestial neighbors. Cynthia Neesemann has written SO BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL to help answer children’s’ questions.

Heavenly Neighbors

As the Sun and Moon travel across our sky, they change position, shape, and sometimes even color. These natural phenomena are fascinating, and children are going to have questions about what causes the changes they see in the sky.

Some of these changes are simple to explain, such as how the shadow of the earth causes the phases of the Moon. Others are more complicated, such as the tilt of the earth that causes the orbits to seem to move with the seasons.

Children’s curiosity should be encouraged, so don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers to these questions. Astronomy story books for kids can help you explain the wonders of astronomy to your child, and you may learn something as well.

Cheerful Storytelling

In SO BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL, you will find beautiful illustrations and vivid prose that teach children about the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth and how they work together. The characters of the Sun, Moon, and Mother Earth work together to keep life in balance.

You can order the book directly from this site and pay via PayPal, and you can also order a hardcover or Kindle edition on Amazon.